Rajnath accuses Congress of internationalizing Kashmir issue

New Delhi: Union Defense Minister and senior BJP leader Rajnath Singh made serious allegations against the Congress on the Kashmir issue. Rajnath Singh had reached Mumbai to address an election meeting about the upcoming assembly elections in Maharashtra. During this, he targeted the Congress fiercely over Kashmir and Rafael. Referring to the visit to France, the Defense Minister said that he had the opportunity to sit in Rafael and experienced supersonic speed. Along with this, he said that under the leadership of PM Modi, our government is going beyond supersonic speed, while Congress is going below supersonic speed towards the abyss.

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Rajnath Singh also surrounded the Congress fiercely on the Kashmir issue. On Kashmir issue, Singh said that Kashmir is our internal subject, Congress is trying to internationalize it. Congress leaders are going to London to discuss the situation of human rights in Kashmir. After all, what does Congress want? Congress has to answer to the people of the country.

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Giving the slogan of legislation, a head and a mark in Jammu and Kashmir, Rajnath Singh said that the abolition of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir has been the ideological commitment of our party. The decision to end it is a decision taken in the national interest. Praising the Government of Maharashtra, he said that after seeing the work of the State Government, I was convinced that once again the BJP government would be formed in Maharashtra.

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