This goat is being sold for Rs 20-25 lakh, know the secret behind it!

Sangali: Today we are going to introduce you to a goat worth Rs. 20 to 25 lakhs. In fact, the goat we are talking about eats cashew nuts and almonds, not grass. The name of this goat is Sultan. The Sultan has become a topic of discussion all over Maharashtra. Now the biggest question is, why is this goat so expensive? So we tell you the secret behind it. In fact, Sonu Shetri, who lives in Miraj, Sangli, has this goat.

Raising sheep and goats is the business of Sonu Shetri. Recently, one of his goats gave birth to this Sultan. Sonu Shetri has now claimed that people are willing to pay between Rs 20 and Rs 25 lakh to take the Sultan, and the Sultan is very precious. The Sultan weighs 60 to 70 kg. It eats only cashew nuts and almonds. Sonu Shetty has hired a servant to wash it. People from far and wide come and praise the Sultan every day.

Not only that, for Sultan people bid loudly but Sonu Shetty has not yet got the price he wants. The Sultan has the moon on his forehead. That is why its demand has increased so much. People are coming fast to buy Sultan. However, the festival of Bakrid is coming up from July 21-22 this year, which has increased the demand for the Sultan.

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