Man lodges complaint against 2 ghosts, said they come near and...

A number of cases are coming to light from the country day in and day out. A man living here, Varsangbhai Baria, filed a complaint with the Jambudhoda police station saying that when he works in the field, two ghosts come to him and threaten to kill him. Not only that, he is mentally disturbed by repeated threats like this.

The Jambudhoda police of the same district also conducted an inquiry on the basis of a complaint conducted in the case and found that the culprit Varsangbhai Baria was mentally ill. When the Jambudhoda police received such a ghost-killing complaint, they were also stunned, though the police went to the field, nothing happened and when they spoke to the family members, it was found that Varsangbhai, who lodged a police complaint, was mentally ill.

The family members admitted that they did not know that Varsangbhai had gone to the police station and given any such complaint. However, the police have also spoken to the psychiatrist and contacted his family members so that he could get proper treatment for mental illness while not taking any action against Varsangbhai in a show of humanity. The Jambudhoda police say that if anyone comes with a complaint, it is their job to make a complaint and the police would investigate. We already thought that there was something wrong with it, but we thoroughly investigated and then discussed it with the family members.

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