Mahima Chaudhry once again attacked Bollywood, said- Earlier Virgins...

Bollywood film actress Mahima Chaudhry may have been missing from the film screen for a long time. But her fans still like her so much. The actress is known for keeping her words casual. The same actress recently revealed in an interview that Bollywood has now changed a lot for women.

"I think the female actress is getting better characters than before," the actress said in an interview. They also get more money and endorsements than before. They are in a better and more powerful position than before. They have a longer life. At the same time, Mahima Chaudhry, while discussing the first, said, "Your relationship has had an impact on work in the past. If you were dating someone, people started writing that they only wanted virgins who had never kissed. If you are dating someone, oh she is dating. If you are married, forget that your career was over and if you have children, everything is completely over."

Further, the actress added, "Now the relationship status does not decide whether to continue your career or choose a personal life. Women are now being accepted into Tamma characters. Earlier many men also used to hide their relationship and it comes to know after the release of their films or many years later that, they are married."

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