Mahira Sharma gave a big statement regarding bold scenes

Mahira Sharma is one of the most popular actresses of today's time. Since 'Bigg Boss 13', Mahira Sharma is busy with one project after another. Fans also like his work very much. Mahira Sharma is working together on three different projects, seeing her passion, fans are impressed. What are Mahira Sharma's plans after these projects? Mahira has responded to this question.

Mahira Sharma said, “I have worked on television, films, reality shows and now doing web series. To be honest, I have done everything that was on my bucket list, just to do a South Indian film. Which I'm planning on." Do you feel comfortable doing bold scenes in web series? On this question, Mahira Sharma said, "I am not comfortable doing bold scenes. I feel that I can sit comfortably with my family and watch the work I am doing. I am comfortable doing bold scenes myself. I don't feel. I choose to do only those projects which don't have such bold scenes. My role is good."

Recently, Mahira Sharma came in the news about her increased weight. A media person had questioned him about the increased weight, on which Mahira Sharma was furious. Due to the interview, the reporter asked in Punjabi that people do not let the stars live in any way, sometimes people say that they have become more thin, sometimes people say that they have become more fat. Same is happening with them too, Mahira Sharma is with me. The reporter was about to question Mahira further, but even before that, Mahira got angry with the reporter. Mahira said angrily – I did not like this question. Further Mahira says that this is not a good question and while saying this, Mahira walks out angrily. The clip of this interview of Mahira Sharma became fiercely viral on the social media platform.

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