Navy captain falls in sea while paragliding
Navy captain falls in sea while paragliding

An Indian Navy captain died in an accident between paragliding on Friday. The incident happened near Karwar Central in Karnataka. The captain has been identified as Madhusudan Reddy. The 55-year-old captain was a resident of Andhra Pradesh. Reddy was working in the Indian Navy at Karwar. Reddy's family came from Bengaluru on Friday morning. All these people were present at the middle of the evening.

Amidst the incident, the assistant of paramotor was able to come out. The assistant was rescued safely by life guards and fishermen. Reddy's family said that all those people had flown from Paramotor and finally went paragliding. When the glider was flying at a height of about 100 feet, a technical defect stopped the engine and the Navy captain fell into the ocean. At the same time, parapilot Vidyadhar Vaidya was also a victim of the incident but was taken out at the moment. But Madhusudan, who is a good swimmer, was stuck in his seat. When the glider fell, they drowned inside the water and took a long time to find them. Police say they were alive until they were brought to the seaside, but the ambulance was delayed to reach the hospital due to no timely arrival, and doctors declared them dead.

Paragliding activities were banned for the last six months due to the covid-19 epidemic. It was opened twice on Friday and the life guards returned to their duty on Friday. In the sea, the middle is pagliding according to the direction of wind. It is reported that paragliding has started for three years at Karwar Beach and this is the first such incident in which someone has died.

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