Famous filmmaker arrested, actress accused of blackmailing
Famous filmmaker arrested, actress accused of blackmailing

Sanal Kumar, a well-known filmmaker of the Malayalam film industry, has been arrested. In fact, in the past, he has been sending SOS posts to people known to him. In which it is said that the life of a famous actress is in danger. Yes and this actress is none other than the actress Manju Warrier, who belongs to the Malayalam film industry, who was said to be in some big trouble these days. In fact, the Malayalam film producer had expressed concern on social media platforms and said, "He has tried to contact Manju's managers and even women in cinema collective organization.''

Apart from this, the producer also claimed that he has not received any response from the pr team of the actress. In fact, the filmmaker wrote in the post, "This is a very serious matter. The actress' life is in danger. It's been four days since I posted on social media that the life of famous Malayalam actress Manju Warrier is in danger and is in the custody of some people. I have also mentioned the names of her managers Bineesh Chandran and Binu Nair in the post that she is in sole custody. But so far neither Manju Warrier nor anyone else has responded. Manju Warrier's silence reinforces my suspicions. Yesterday I sent an email to @wcc_cinema wcc, the organization, working for gender equality in Malayalam cinema. They, too, are silent on the matter.''

He further wrote, "When I say this on social media today, many people try to see this serious issue as a joke. It is scary that the mainstream media in Kerala is trying to pretend that it has not seen the issue. The issue I have raised is about the life and liberty of a nationally acclaimed film actress. I want the national media to take this issue seriously.'' However, now it is reported that Manju has lodged a complaint against him and said that he is blackmailing her. The actress has lodged a complaint with the police station in Kochi.

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