Neighbour was making a video of the girl was taking a bath, younger brother came and ...

Feb 18 2020 04:45 PM
Neighbour was making a video of the girl was taking a bath, younger brother came and ...

Recently, in the case of crime, a young man took a video of a minor girl while bathing in the case on Monday. The younger brother of the girl saw him making video. When he opposed the him, the accused threatened to make the video viral. In this case, the student's brother informed the police on number 112 after all this happened. After getting the information of this case, the police have taken the accused youth into custody.

The police is investigating this case. According to the police, 'a teenager from a village in the area studies in 12th and the student was taking a bath on Monday. There was no terrace in the bath house and the parents of the girl were not at home at that time. In such a situation, a young man from the neighboring village climbed the wall of the semi-built house and made a video while bathing the student. Then the student's brother in the house saw the young man making a video and started making noise.

According to the information received in this case, the accused youth came and told the student that if I tell anyone, I will make your video viral. The girl was not scared by this threat and she told the whole thing when the parents came home. After reaching the police station, the girl's mother told the police and the police started investigating the matter.

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