This hotel devastated journalist's life, chared Rs 50 lakhs for a beer
This hotel devastated journalist's life, chared Rs 50 lakhs for a beer

In recent times, there have been many reports in which the hotel has been charging a lot on things, which have been discussed on social media and people have made fun of them by making a lot of memes. However, This time the incident has happened, there will be nothing but remaining silent. Actually, the thing is that a hotel in Manchester has charged Rs 50 lakh for a beer from an Australian journalist. After which there has been an uproar. According to the information, a journalist by profession Peter Lalor is a sports editor in an Australian newspaper.

It is being told that Peter Lalor had gone to the UK to cover the Ashes Test series, where he ordered a beer with his colleagues at the hotel and when Peter was paying the bill, he was not wearing glasses at the time. So during this time there was something wrong with the payment machine and the bill was also paid.

When the slip of the bill was noticed by the staff present at the bar, everyone was shocked and told Peter Lalor that more than 50 lakh bills had been paid from you. The complaint reached the manager. The bill was asked to make corrections. The manager assured him that his extra money would soon be transferred to his bank account. Also, the hotel spokesperson said that they are investigating the matter and wherever the mistake has been done, it will be rectified.

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