Mohammad Shariq also has fanatical beliefs like 'Aftab'

Bangalore: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) is investigating the cooker blast in Mangaluru, Karnataka. In the investigation so far, it has been revealed that the accused Mohammad Shariq was planning a terrorist attack in Mangaluru on the one hand, on the other hand, he was also trying to impose the rule of the caliphate in the country with the help of the terrorist organization ISIS. Mohammad Shariq had also trained 40 people like him.

According to the report, Mohammad Shariq is a resident of Soppugudde in Tirthali town of Shimoga district. Within a radius of just 100 meters in the small Soppugudde village, there is a house of 5 suspected terrorists here. The terrorists have been identified as Mohammad Shariq, Abdul Mateen, Maaz Munir, Syed Yasin, and Arafat Ali. After the arrest of Shariq, there is an atmosphere of tension in this entire area. According to a report, Shariq's aunt, while talking to the media, said that Shariq always used to restrict the women of the house. He did not allow them to talk to Hindus. The terrorist's aunt said that in February 2020, slogans in support of terrorist organizations Lashkar and ISIS were written on the walls of Shivamogga, in which the participants and his associates had a role. At that time, his father got Shariq released on bail and sent him to Bengaluru and Udupi.  

Shariq's aunt says that after returning from there, Shariq often used to pray, worship, and talk about Allah. At first, his beard was short, but after returning, he also started growing a beard. Whenever he was asked for nikah, he used to give the same answer every time, 'Everything is Allah for me. I will do something that I'll get 72 Hurons in paradise, that is my real world.'

Shariq's aunt says, "Seeing his actions, we thought he was more in Din (Islam). But we didn't know he would do it all. We have to live with everyone in society, he has done such that we are not even able to show our faces to anyone. There is no talk of killing anyone in Islam, it is a crime. Shariq's family, after seeing the CCTV footage, believes that the police have saved his life by arresting him, otherwise he could have died. She also informed that Shariq had been in touch with ISIS terrorist Abdul Mateen for a long time. But no one knew what the two used to do together.

Mohammad Shariq had also stolen the Aadhaar card of a Hindu name Prem Raj Hatgi to carry out the terror attack. He had filled the cooker with so many explosives that the entire bus could be blown up from it. According to a report, maps of Hindu temples and children's festivals have been recovered in the search of his hideouts. At the same time, a video of controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik was also found on his mobile. Let me tell you that many terrorists have said that they have become radical by watching Zakir Naik's video.  

Jannat angle in Shraddha Walker case too:-

Aftab Amin Poonawalla, who cut Shraddha Walker into 35 pieces, has also talked like Mohammad Shariq. A police officer has informed that during interrogation, Aftab has said that even if he is hanged for the murder of Shraddha, he has no regret, because he will get Hurons in paradise. Aftab has also revealed that he had relationships with more than 20 Hindu girls during his relationship with Shraddha. And he used to find Hindu girls on the dating app. Aftab said that after shraddha's murder, he had brought a psychologist to his room, she was also a Hindu.

However, the big question that arises from such a statement is, after all, what were the good deeds of these accused, which they are hoping for paradise? Can one get paradise just by trapping Hindu girls and having relationships with them or killing innocent people? Who would have given these people the knowledge that, by scratching the bodies of Hindu girls, or killing innocent people, they can get paradise and God sitting there will give them to Hurons to enjoy?

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