Iran: Many questions raised on corona report in Parliament
Iran: Many questions raised on corona report in Parliament

Tehran: The havoc of Corona that has been increasing for the past several days is becoming a disaster for the people today. Every day, thousands of deaths are occurring worldwide due to this virus. Every day some person loses his life in front of the coronavirus. Not only this, this virus has also taken the form of an epidemic, where people are having trouble eating and living in their homes.

The question raised on the number of dead in the report of the Iranian Parliament : A report of the Iranian Parliament said that the number of deaths in the country from Corona could be double the official figures. However, Iranian health officials have refused to comment on this report released on Tuesday.

It has been said in the report that if the data given to the World Health Organization is wrong, then there will always be doubt among the people that the second round of infection can come anytime. This report of 46 pages of Iranian Parliament Research Center has been published online. The sixth page of the report says that the Health Ministry has collected only those people who have died in hospitals or those who have been found infected. Home deaths are not included in this. The report said that the number of dead in Iran could be 80 percent more or double than the government figures. As far as the number of positive cases is concerned, it can be eight to ten times more than the government figures. So far, 4,777 people have died due to the epidemic in Iran while 76,389 people are infected.

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