Marriage posses impact on the sense of taste

A person’s life changes to a great extent after marriage. But you will be surprised to know that it can also affect the taste of a person. According to a new study the couples who are married for a long time develop a similar sense of taste and smell.

As per stury, the  years of shared meals are thought to change what they find appealing so that over time, their taste buds become similar. Studies have already found that eating things more often, like vegetables for fussy children or beer for adults makes us enjoy them more.

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The study conducted at the University of Wroclaw, is the first to show that couples change their food preferences after years of dining together. The Polish researchers, in the article in the journal Appetite say that as partners share a household and a significant proportion of meals, they are more likely to ear similar types of food.

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The study also found that taste and smell preferences were more similar in husbands and wives the longer they had been together.Study also shows that while in some cases both partners equally change their tastes, as they share the same home and go out to eat with the same friends and family members. But one partner can also try to change the other's diet, in an attempt to make them eat more healthily foods.

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