Hilarious Jokes on Overconfidence
Hilarious Jokes on Overconfidence

1. There was a meeting of Bihar state freedom fighters. They wanted to free. Bihar from India. Ram bhaiya raised a point... "We may take Bihar from India but how will we develop it?"

Shayam bhaiya had a brainwave. "No problem! We will attack America, we will lose the war and USA will take us over... Then we will become a State of USA & develop automatically...! We will also become direct citizens of USA. No more Visas & Green Cards."

All the Bhaiyas were overjoyed with this solution, but an old bhaiya was not. Someone asked him why he wasn't happy. The old bhaiya replied, "That's all very well.... "But what would happen if by chance we won & took over America?"

2. Height of over confidence.. A man marrying his own secretary thinking she will follow his orders as before.

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