Meet Richard Maize, creating a legacy of his own in the world of entrepreneurship
Meet Richard Maize, creating a legacy of his own in the world of entrepreneurship

His growing presence with his companies, investments, and philanthropy has won hearts and how.


It is surreal to know and learn about all those who make sure to cross boundaries in all that they choose to do in their careers and lives and offer value to the people they serve. Doing that in the world of business can be challenging, but a few of them have gone ahead in inspiring greatness and innovation and have taken over business niches with their passion, perseverance, and hard work. Richard Maize is all about this and much more and thus has been able to create a unique niche in the world of entrepreneurship with his multi-million-dollar business empire. 


Wondering who really is Richard Maize? Well, he was born in 1953 and hailed from Los Angeles, CA, the US. He studied MBA at California State University. Right from an early age, he was inclined towards the business side of things and hence was aware of what he wanted to pursue in his career. Today, Richard Maize (68) is a sought-after real estate entrepreneur and is known for his astute investments. Even before the age of 30, he was the one who accumulated as good as 1,000 apartment units and currently owns property in 20 states. He has been an entrepreneur and real estate investor for over three decades and has also won hearts with his philanthropy work.


For youth education and development, social welfare, family services, arts and culture, the man with his wife serves as principal officers at the Rochelle and Richard Maize Foundation and, through their NGOs and charitable organizations, have contributed heavily to these initiatives. Richard Maize is a partner in a distressed asset venture, serves as a partner in a PR company, and also is an investor in a local food truck business with many other developing companies. Not just that, he has also helped budding talents and investors by providing them with the right real estate and financial advice and has worked passionately to turn people’s dreams into reality.


Richard Maize truly is an inspiration who has been looked upon by many across the world. To know more, visit his website, .


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