Michael Alf proves that hard work and commitment to one’s career pays off
Michael Alf proves that hard work and commitment to one’s career pays off

Born in the port city of Kiel, Germany, today, Michael Alf is leading the game in one of the most demanding industries- digital events. Alf has spent several years developing an excellent professional career based on dedication, hard work, and innovative thinking. He has spent years building his experience by working in several continents, namely Asia, Australia, and Europe.

Today, his business, New World Events, is based in the digital landscape and seeks to give clients the best experience for their digital and hybrid events. He is proud of his venture as it lets him combine his interests in business, people, and technology. Over the years, Alf has been recognized for his game-changing ideas and high level of professionalism.

Alf’s success with Capgemini

He spent many years working with Capgemini, a French multinational consulting and technology company. Alf worked with the company in Germany and then in Australia. He worked with Capgemini for a total of 12 years, and during his time with that company, he was given several awards and recognized for his outstanding performance as a salesperson.

Writing and content making

Alf is the proud author of the ‘Virtual Summit Formula', which captures essential details about the hybrid and digital events that he gathered over the years from attending and organizing summits and acting as a keynote speaker.

Alf also came up with a podcast that addresses matters about the technology space. He has published for different digital magazines in his quest to share more information.

Additionally, he has been responsible for running significant global accounts over the years. He successfully became a certified High-Performance Coach, making him one of the few hundred High-Performance coaches worldwide.

One of his most significant career achievements - New World Events

His most significant achievement remains his business, New World Events. It was designed to allow him to combine all his major interests, and it is a world-class company that positively impacts customers' lives.

"At New World Events, we want to be at the forefront of the delivery of world-class digital and hybrid events for our clients. We come with a fresh and open mind, and we challenge the old ways of operating. Plus, we have a very strong technical background and global coverage," shares Alf.

Michale Alf is always pleased to know that his company is helping to make life easier for others, and he knows this through the reviews that customers give. Over the years, his customers include people such as Project Managers and International Sales Managers from major companies around the world. They have praised Alf and his team for helping them to achieve an outstanding digital event experience and for creating an overall great virtual event experience that was pleasing to the various stakeholders in their companies.

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