9 months pregnant Nurse performs duty to fight Corona

Jun 01 2020 06:11 PM
9 months pregnant Nurse performs duty to fight Corona

In this dangerous time of Corona virus, who tried to save the world, who are seen fighting with Corona on every occasion, gave you a safe environment. People got the lockdown strictly followed, only and only Corona Warriors contribute. This includes nurses, doctors, policemen, media personnel and every man who is helping people in this era. You would know that the hours of duty of nurse-doctors have also increased, many Corona Warriors are working away from their families too. In this case, an example has come forward. A nurse, who is 9 months pregnant, did not take a single day off in Corona, but went on her duty daily.

Let us know that Dipanshu Kabra, who is an IPS officer by profession, has shared this post on his Twitter account. He writes, 'Salute to Nari Shakti. Anju working in the Maharani Hospital of BastarDistrict is doing her duty every day even after being 9 months pregnant. Salute his courage and allegiance to duty even in the Corona crisis. '

For your information, let us tell you that Anju, who works as a nurse in Maharani Hospital, is pregnant. But even during this time, he has done his duty, and has not taken any leave. Even she comes to the hospital every day before time. 

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