First, Provoke People... Then blame govt for killing innocents, is this what Mehbooba wants?

Srinagar: PDP supremo and former state CM Mehbooba Mufti's provocative statement comes after the crackdown on terrorists targeting minority communities in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. Blaming the government for the killings of minority people, Mehbooba has said that the price of the arrest of people without evidence will have to be paid by all. She has already said that if Section 370 is removed from Jammu and Kashmir, there will be no one in the Valley to raise the Flag of India.

In Kashmir, a large number of pro-terrorists have been detained to prevent the killings of minority people and foil the designs of terrorists. Mehbooba has strongly objected to this. Terming the detained persons as innocent, she said that if they continue to be put in jails, it will have serious consequences and the situation in the state will worsen to such an end that they will not be able to handle them. She said the killings of minorities in the state are due to security failures. Therefore, those who failed to protect the minorities should be made accountable. Mehbooba Mufti said, "The recent killings are tragic. It is a failure of the Government. If the Government continues to arrest people without evidence as a cover-up, the consequences will be dangerous. It will have to be paid by all.''

At the same time, Mehbooba retweeted al Jazeera's Kashmir news and wrote, "The Jammu and Kashmir administration had inputs before the attack on minorities. Yet they ignored these inputs. Instead, they were busy providing security to union ministers who were on a visit to Jammu and Kashmir.'' At the same time, she said that not taking responsibility and arresting 700 citizens is to blame the other. Such statements by Mehbooba serve to provoke fundamentalists and the consequences are borne by the innocent people of the Valley.  It was because of these provocative statements that the Government detained her while removing Section 370.

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