'Meri Maut Teri Shadi Ka Gift, I love you,' Lover committed suicide sharing video on WhatsApp

Balod: A shocking incident has been reported from the Balod district of Chhattisgarh. Here, in one-sided love, the man has committed suicide. The incident took place in the Parras area. Before he could make a confession, the man wrote in the room that his death was a wedding gift from him for his girlfriend. At the same time, the man also made a video before the suicide and uploaded it on WhatsApp status.

Police said the boy wrote with coal on the wall, "My death is your wedding gift, I love you." Then he made a video of him putting a noose around his neck. Shared it on WhatsApp status. Later, he hanged himself from the fan. In fact, the man loved a young woman unilaterally. The young woman was getting married. Which made the person very sad. Balod DSP Pratik Chaturvedi said the body has been sent for post-mortem. The video is also being examined. Further action is in progress.

Recently, a loving couple in Charkhi Dadri, Haryana, committed suicide after they did not get permission to marry the family members. According to reports, both the boy and the girl had been missing for two days. Due to this, the family members searched for both of them, but they could not be found. They both wanted to marry each other. Due to the same tribe, the marriage was not agreed to by the family members. They were both upset about this. They swore to live together and die together. Both families explained it to them. Thereafter, the two lovebirds ran away from home. The two love birds went to the fields on Khativas Road and hanged themselves on the tree.  

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