Mexico accepts temporary reinstatement of 'Stay in Mexico' scheme

Mexico: On Thursday, the Mexican government announced its acceptance of the temporary resumption of an immigration programme that forces asylum claimants to stay in Mexico while their cases are adjudicated in the United States.

The Migrant Protection Protocols, often known as "Stay in Mexico," were adopted by Mexico after the US administration agreed to address the country's humanitarian concerns, according to a statement from Mexico's Foreign Affairs Ministry.

"For humanitarian reasons, those individuals who have an appointment to appear before a US immigration judge to request asylum will not be returned to their countries of origin," the ministry stated. "Mexico's government will continue to encourage development cooperation, through direct and immediate impact programmes, as the primary means of tackling the region's migratory phenomena," it said.

According to sources, US President Joe Biden revoked the "Stay in Mexico" policy implemented during Donald Trump's administration in February, but a US court ordered its immediate reinstatement because the program's legality is being debated by the courts.

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