Microsoft Windows 10 prevents forced installation of applications

Oct 20 2020 05:50 PM
Microsoft Windows 10 prevents forced installation of applications

The recent reports says that Microsoft pauses the "migration" that brought progressive web apps (PWA) for Microsoft Office apps to Start Menu. It further explained this issue happened because of a bug. A controversy for pushing an update for Windows 10 that installs web pages for its Office apps without the user permission was raised. However, Microsoft said it was a mistake and has paused the process. 

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Microsoft says it was invoved in the process of pinning Office web shortcuts to the Start Menu since May 2019. The ‘forced update' installs Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook web-based apps. These forced installed are the shortcuts to the web version of the Office that can be accessed through any browser. However, these forced installs are not the full version of Microsoft Office. This will open a web-version of the app where sign in with Microsoft account to gain access is needed. 

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The uninstall process is very easy. Goto settings, then Apps& Features or Control panel thn Programs & Features then remove the web apps which are mere shortcuts occupying the system space. 

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