Mika called KRK his ‘son’ promises not to beat him up

Kamal R Khan has been in a lot of controversy for some time. First he had a dispute with Salman Khan and then he got involved with Mika Singh. In fact, Mika supported Salman Khan after which KRK and the singer had a Twitter war. Now recently a video has surfaced in which Mika is standing outside KRK's Mumbai house and saying that KRK has left the house. In the video Mika speaks to KRK to come back to his house and says don't be afraid.

Mika says 'See, brother, I am standing outside your house with my head held high. I am ready to meet you wherever you want. You will always be my son. I have no enmity with you because you are my son.' He further added 'I am standing outside your house but you seem to have sold it. Now please don?t sell all your other houses because I have no personal enmity. You are my son. I wanted to teach you a lesson but not such a big one that you sell your house and leave. After all, you are my neighbour.'

Then, after watching Mika's video, a fan shared a viral Bollywood video and tweeted that Mika paaji who could not do big Bollywood stars like Karan Johar, Shah Rukh Khan, you did it with KRK. Over which Mika replied, 'Hey Veere, they are all busy in their lives.'

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