Mob Lynching Case: 1 person beaten to death on suspicion of cattle theft
Mob Lynching Case: 1 person beaten to death on suspicion of cattle theft

After Rajasthan, now the violence of crowded i.e Mob Lynching has surfaced in Haryana. Despite all the efforts, the incidents of beating and killing are not being overcome. The latest case has happened in the Baharola village of Palwal, which is on National Highway.

Two such incidents have happened in the Palwal district of Haryana, which is a recent example of mob violence. In both these incidents, the crowd at the different places slammed two people so much that they died. 
The victim, who came to steal the cattle in the village of Behrola, located just five kilometres from the Palwal district headquarters and people beat him slammed him and he died. The thief died due to injuries sustained. 

After receiving the information, police took the dead body of the district hospital for identification and post-mortem in possession of the dead body. In this connection, police have started the case of by registering a case of non-assassination against three brothers, who have started the proceedings.

According to ASI Suresh Kumar of the Sadar police station, it was told that he was patrolling the National Highway in the night. During this time, people got information that there is a man who came to steal the cattles.

People caught him, while two-three folks escaped while firing. The villagers followed the alleged thieves absconding, but they did not come in hand. Meanwhile, a large crowd gathered. He has not yet been identified. At present, a case of murder has been registered against unknown people. On the statement of Shyam Sunder, the police filed a case of murder against the unknown and started looking for the killers. 

Supreme Court of India urged Parliament to create separate law for mob and lynching Violence by vigilante groups/cow vigilantism. Supreme Court asked parliament to see whether a new law can be made into the issue. Supreme Court fixed the matter for further hearing on August 28.

 On the issue of Violence by vigilante groups/cow vigilantism, Supreme Court said, "no citizen can take law into their own hands. In case of fear and anarchy, the state has to act positively. Violence can't be allowed." The Supreme Court on Tuesday in its judgement on a batch of petitions against growing incidents of Mob lynchings across the country said that nobody can take the law into their hands. 

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