Viral Video Fact Check: 'Modi govt going to remove Sikhs from Indian Army...'

New Delhi: A propaganda Twitter account of the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) wing of the Pakistani army tweeted a fake video on Friday (January 7, 2022) claiming that the Modi government was planning to remove Sikhs from the Indian Army. The attempt to spread the propaganda comes at a time when clashes between the Centre and the Punjab government over PM Narendra Modi's security violations are at their peak on January 5. A Twitter handle called Anjali Kaur (@heyanjaliii) claimed, "In the security meeting of the Cabinet Committee, Minister Anurag Thakur, S Jaishankar have called for the removal of Sikhs from the Indian Army.''


The account was created in October last year and had 987 followers by the time. In the video, one can be heard saying that all Punjabis should be removed from the Indian Army. There is a man's voice, who is saying, 'All generals, all soldiers, remove everyone from top to bottom.' However, this is a fake video, as it mixes audio taken from different sources with the video of the cabinet meeting. The video from the Propaganda Twitter handle mixes the visuals of the cabinet meeting and the audio of the clubhouse discussion. PIB has also checked the fact and termed it as fake.


Bollywood actor Ranveer Shourie tweeted how anti-India propaganda is being created using fake accounts. He wrote in a tweet, "Go through the TL of this handle @heyanjaliii to get a taste of how propaganda wars are unleashed by enemies of #India, within and outside. A pathetic and dangerous doctored video, that many gullible people will fall for. Please report all these accounts.''


The video from the cabinet meeting reportedly has audio from Vikas Dubey, who had talked about the removal of Sikhs from the Indian Army during the clubhouse discussion. The suggestion was being criticized by many by posting the audio clip on social media, but Pakistanis used it to push their propaganda against the Modi government. It will not be surprising that even in India, some people start cursing the Government by treating it as true and indirectly become pawns of the propaganda of Pakistan. Although this video is completely fake and re-edited to spread hatred against the central government.

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