Petrol will be sold in India for 45 rupees a liter, big cut in price possible!

Mar 03 2021 02:00 PM
Petrol will be sold in India for 45 rupees a liter, big cut in price possible!

New Delhi: If you start getting petrol-diesel 45 rupees liter in the coming days, do not be surprised. This can be a reality. Petrol prices crossed Rs 100 a liter in many parts of the country, but the Modi government is strongly considering reducing its prices. According to the news agency Reuters, the finance ministry has held talks with some states, oil companies, and the petroleum ministry to reduce tax on petrol and diesel prices.

According to sources, the finance ministry wants to find a way that does not affect the government's income and also provides relief to the general public. The world's engine is still running with petrol and diesel. Its price varies with each person, whether he drives the vehicle or not. Government oil companies in India are continuously increasing the price of petrol and diesel due to the continuous increase in the price of crude oil.

In February itself, both fuels have become expensive by about Rs 5 per liter. At the same time, crude oil prices have doubled in the last 10 months, which has affected the prices of oil in the domestic market ie India. The burden of inflation of oil to the people of India has increased slightly due to the taxes of the central and state governments.

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