Modi-Themed Pichkaris Add Political Flair to Holi Celebrations
Modi-Themed Pichkaris Add Political Flair to Holi Celebrations

Bhopal: This Holi season, the market is abuzz with Pichkaris adorned with images of Prime Minister Modi, adding a colorful twist to the festive celebrations. These BJP-themed water guns, featuring Modi's portrait, are making waves in the city streets, painting a vivid picture of political fervor. The sight of these Pichkaris, prominently displayed in shops across the city, is evoking a mixed reaction, with the Congress displaying visible discontent.

In the wake of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, the BJP has launched various innovative campaigns to engage with voters at every doorstep. Even the festive spirit of Holi is not spared, as BJP's influence extends to the traditional Pichkaris used for splashing colors. In Gwalior city, Madhya Pradesh, Pichkari shops are not only bustling with activity but also showcasing a unique addition - Pichkaris adorned with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's photo and BJP insignia, including the lotus symbol. This striking sight has left Congress members feeling uneasy.

Congress spokesperson RP Singh has criticized the BJP's approach, labeling it as event-driven and focused on branding rather than addressing public concerns. Questions have been raised about the expenses incurred on manufacturing water bottles and other materials featuring Modi's images - whether these expenses are borne by Modi personally or by the Bharatiya Janata Party remains unclear.

In response, the Congress spokesperson has emphasized that their party members will not endorse Modi's Pichkaris, regardless of their participation in Holi festivities. While Modi-themed Pichkaris flood the market, there is a conspicuous absence of Congress-branded alternatives.

This scenario underscores the proactive stance of the BJP in engaging with voters, even amidst festive occasions. Meanwhile, the Congress appears to be lamenting its perceived lack of presence in the market compared to the BJP's robust outreach efforts.

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