Tips to know if your moisturizer deteriorated or expired

Aug 18 2019 03:09 PM
Tips to know if your moisturizer deteriorated or expired

Applying a moisturizer also nourishes your skin and retains the moisture in the skin, but sometimes the moisturizer expires or even if it has a date expiring, people don't know. This can cause damage to your skin. So it's important to know what the expiry date of the moisturizer is. Today we're going to tell you about this so you don't use it too much.

Color changes: If you change the color of your masher, then it's bad and it's time to change it. They are very sensitive to light so keep it in a cool place. The best way is to store it in the AirTight Tube.

Thickening: If your moisturizer suddenly starts to look thicker or thinner, then it is beginning to deteriorate. This means that the soluble chemicals present in it are now separated. So stop using it now. You can also make a natural moisturizer at home and use it.

Check expiry date: Make sure to check the expiry date of the product at any time when purchasing it. Generally, moisturizers do not deteriorate for 18 months. Buy only by checking the date depending on how long you want to use it.

Changes in smell: Sometimes the moisturizer suddenly changes after a few days of use. If your moisturizer's smell has changed, replace it immediately.

Contamination: If black spots appear in your moisturizer, understand that it has been infected with a fungus or bacteria. Do not charge any cost and discard it immediately. Applying such infected moisturizers can also cause infections.

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