More kids aged between 6 -10 not enrolling in schools: ASER Survey

Oct 29 2020 05:53 PM
More kids aged between 6 -10 not enrolling in schools: ASER Survey

According to the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER), it comes to light that the proportion of children not enrolled in schools was 1.8 percent in the age group of 6-10 years in 2018. More kids aged between 6 and 10 are not enrolling in schools. The proportion of students not enrolled in schools in the age group of 6-10 years has seen a sharp increase in 2020 in comparison with 2018, mainly because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since schools are closed, many young children have not yet secured admission to Std 1. The increase in not enrolled children in the 6-10 age group is therefore expected to be more a reflection of children waiting to enroll in school rather than of children who have indeed dropped out,”.  The survey further says, “The proportion of boys enrolled in government schools increased from 62.8 pc in 2018 to 66.4 pc in 2020. Likewise, the proportion of girls enrolled in government schools rose from 70 pc to 73 pc during the same period.

Although only a third of children had received materials from their teachers during the week preceding the survey, most children, that is to say, 70.2%, had done some sort of learning activity during that week. The survey found that these activities were shared by diverse sources such as private tutors and family members themselves, in addition to what was received from schools. “The proportion of children in government schools and private schools doing these activities was similar. However, children in private schools were much more likely to have accessed online resources than those in government schools,” the survey found.

The survey was conducted in September this year. It reached a total of 52,227 households and 59,251 children in the age group of 5-16 years, as well as teachers or headteachers from 8,963 government schools offering primary grades.

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