More than 3 lakh people died worldwide due to coronavirus

Washington: Everyone is troubled due to the problem of the Coronavirus continuously increasing for the past several days. Thousands of people died worldwide due to this virus. Not only this, due to the grip of this virus, but millions of people are also getting infected every day, while the death rate due to coronavirus is increasing continuously. Today, more than 3 lakh 82 thousand people have lost their lives due to the virus. And even now, it cannot be said for how long we have to deal with this virus.

America - In the US, there were 1,93,353 cases of infection by 31 March and by April 1, the figure reached 2,50,708. As of April 1, a total of 6,394 people had died and a total of 2,04,966 active cases. In the US, cases of infection have reached 18,59,597 and a total of 1,06,927 people have died.

Brazilian: Cases of infection in Brazil was exceeded on 14 May. On May 14, there were 2,02,918 cases in Brazil, of which 1,09,446 cases were active and 13,993 people died. In Brazil, the number of infections has currently crossed the figure of 5,29,405 and a total of 30,046 people have died.

Russia - By May 10, the number of infections had crossed 2,09,688 in Russia. As of May 10, 1,73,467 cases were active here and 1,915 people died. The total infection in Russia has reached 4,23,741 and 5,037 people have died.

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