World's most unique city, there are no names of roads and squares here

Dec 02 2019 02:01 PM
World's most unique city, there are no names of roads and squares here

Nowadays, where every street, every locality has some name, there is a place in the world where the streets and intersections are anonymous. Now you must be thinking that if this is the case then how will the people there tell the address and how would they know which place they are at. 

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The name of this place is Hilgermissen, which is in Germany. A referendum was held in February this year to decide whether to name the local roads, as the current addresses are a challenge for those who are not native. But people voted in favor of not giving any name to the roads here.

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The city of Hilgermisson was formed in the 1970s from a number of smaller communities. Its history suggests that there are only house numbers and addresses in the name of an old village. There are currently 2,200 people living in Hilgermisson, with 60 percent of those who voted in the referendum saying they want the current system to be maintained, that is, roads and squares are given no name.

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In fact, it was suggested by the council that giving each street a name could make the work of emergency services and delivery drivers easier, but the locals did not agree.