MP: In anger, flood-affected people vandalized municipal vehicles

Bhopal: At present, many parts of Madhya Pradesh are in bad condition due to rain and floods. Many areas here have become troubled due to floods at this time. Now among all these people's anger has also started increasing. In fact, according to the information received recently, the anger of the flood victims has started erupting against the negligence of the district administration and the municipality in relief work after the severe floods caused by heavy rains in Sheopur, Madhya Pradesh. As soon as the municipal vehicle passed through the troubled flood-affected people, they surrounded the vehicle and started vandalizing it.

It is being told that from here the workers sitting in the car could barely return after saving their lives. At this time a photo is going viral on social media which is of August 5. Yes, on this day all this happened here at Jaistambh Chowk at 12 noon. Here the flood victims protested by striking after not getting relief. At the same time, people surrounded the government vehicle of the Municipal Health Inspector and created a ruckus. It is being told that as soon as the employees reached the vehicle, people broke down on the officers sitting in it and scolded them for mismanagement.

Local people have alleged that 'people are suffering due to the devastation caused by heavy rains, but relief work is not being done by the administration. Many areas are still without assistance. There is no drinking water and there are problems regarding electricity too. Let us tell you that due to the continuous rain in the Sheopur area, the situation has worsened, so far two people have died here. At the same time, hundreds of houses have been flooded, and facilities like electricity, drinking water, and internet are not available yet.

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