Former BJP MLA accused of keeping daughter hostage

Jabalpur: A former BJP MLA from Madhya Pradesh has been accused by his daughter for keeping her hostage. Bharti, daughter of former BJP MLA Surendranath Singh from Bhopal, has filed a petition in the MP High Court demanding protection. She alleges that his father held him hostage for 10 years. She is given a sedation injection at Hazela Hospital in Bhopal. Simultaneously, the pressure is being created for marriage, when she does not want to get married. The petitioner's lawyer Ankit Saxena said that Surendranath Singh had also been the district president of BJP's Bhopal.

His daughter alleges that the father has forcibly held her hostage at Hazela Hospital in Bhopal. In addition to an injection of anaesthesia, they harassed in many ways. A complaint about this to CM Helpline but so far but no result came out.

The petitioner states that she moved to Pune in 2018, fed by the constant harassment of the family. There she was working as a fitness trainer. The father called her Pune from Bhopal, giving false information about the mother being seriously ill last week. Now they making pressure to marry the son of a BJP MLA. 

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