Haryana elections:Sapna Chaudhary embarrasses BJP, campaigned for rival party candidate

Chandigarh: Haryanvi dancer and singer Sapna Chaudhary keeps entertaining her millions of fans. Videos or hot photos of Sapna Chaudhary goes viral. Recently, Sapna Chaudhary joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) while making an entry in politics. In such a situation, she was expected that she could contest from any seat on the BJP ticket during the Haryana Assembly elections, but when the names of the BJP candidates were announced, Sapna was not there.

After this, it was believed that Sapna would ask for votes for the BJP candidates, but this did not happen. Even so, all was right, but in the last phase of the assembly election campaign, Sapna joined the campaign but not in favor of the BJP but counter-candidates. This step of Sapna has made BJP uncomfortable. According to the news, BJP is extremely upset with this move of Sapna.

Actually, Sapna campaigned for rival Haryana Lokhit Party candidate Gopal Kanda from Sirsa during the assembly elections. According to Times Now report, Kanda said, 'I have good relations with him. She has been attending my party function earlier also. I have also supported them earlier. The reality of all the charges leveled against me will be revealed.

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