Kamal Nath remembers Mohammed Ghaznavi, who looted money of poors: Narottam Mishra

Nov 24 2020 03:19 PM
Kamal Nath remembers Mohammed Ghaznavi, who looted money of poors: Narottam Mishra

Bhopal: Shivraj government has been formed in Madhya Pradesh and since then Home Minister Narottam Mishra has come into action. He is making such statements that are shocking. Recently he has targeted former CM Kamal Nath. Recently, he described Vallabh Bhavan as a house of brokers and said that the former Kamal Nath government was the corrupt government of the century. Kamal Nath has looted the public in the same way that Muhammad Ghaznabi looted.' He also gave a big reason for Jyotiraditya Scindia to leave Congress.

He said, 'We were already saying that there is a good government of the century. Why did Vallabh Bhavan become the hub of touts?' He further accused the Congress, 'Scindia Ji had distanced himself from the party (Congress) only because who would raise the bidding. Now understood why the treasure became empty. Why did Kamal Nath keep himself apart? The money of malnutrition of the Department of Women and Child Development was spent in eradicating malnutrition of Congress Rahul Baba. Money from social welfare was being deposited in Gandhi Welfare.'

The Home Minister also said in his statement, 'Kamal Nath misses Mohammad Ghaznavi who looted money of the poor. Kamal Nath has committed a heinous crime by robbing the money of the poor of Madhya Pradesh. After all, who is Vergheesh? Kamal Nath answer this. The Government of Madhya Pradesh will investigate this matter. Law experts will also be consulted.' However, before this, Narottam Mishra made headlines by making a law-making statement on Love Jihad.

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