Sister Yasmin hatches creepy plot to avenge brother's murder

Jan 12 2021 09:23 AM
Sister Yasmin hatches creepy plot to avenge brother's murder

Maharashtra: Recently, a case of crime has come from Mumbai. After knowing about what has happened in this case, your senses will fly. In this case, a sister crossed all the hades to avenge her brother's death. According to reports, the sister first implicated her in the honey trap to take revenge on her brother's murderer, then took her to the jungle with the help of her companions and plotted to kill her. The police have arrested 5 persons, including a woman, before committing her conspiracy.

What is the case- The case relates to a murder that took place in June 2020. During that, there was a battle between two groups over parking in the Malad area. In which one of the accused Mohammad Sadiq murdered 24-year-old Altaf Sheikh during the battle. After that murder, Sadiq fled to Delhi and Altaf's sister Yasmin was shocked by the incident. After that Yasmin made a plan to take revenge on the accused. He joined Altaf's friends, Farooq Sheikh (20), Owais Sheikh (18), Moneys Syed (20), Zakir Khan (32) and Satyam Pandey (23) and decided to kill Sadiq with his help. He first decided to entrap the accused into the honey trap.

For this, Yasmin created a fake Instagram account and started talks with Sadiq. In the conversation, he pretended to love Sadiq and came to Mumbai from Delhi to meet Sadiq Yasmin a week ago. There were 5 friends of Yasmin waiting for Sadiq in the ambulance. As soon as Sadiq arrived on the spot, friends kidnapped Sadiq. He then decided to take Sadiq to the jungle of Vasai Naigaon and then put his body in the hideout. Meanwhile, a local forcefully saw Sadiq putting him in the ambulance and told the police. The police imposed a blockade and all were arrested. Now, the police has started investigation in the case.

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