Google Play's Music Store closed, big shock to users

Oct 14 2020 04:51 PM
Google Play's Music Store closed, big shock to users

Google has discontinued the Google Play music streaming app. Google is doing this to advance the primary music streaming app YouTube Music. A few months ago, Google started sending alerts to its users about the music app being shut down. According to it, Google had stopped buying music worldwide in the Play Store. The Google Play Music Store allowed customers to listen to songs in GPM format. In addition, you can also download songs. 

In addition to eliminating the ability to buy and download songs, Google has also removed the Browse Music app from the Play store. The web version of the Play Store says that the music store is no longer available on Google Play. In addition, the potential for worldwide content in Google Play Music can also be eliminated this month. 

The first is that they are going to be exported to their Freedom YouTube music, secondly, that if they don't want to go to YouTube Music, they are being given the facility to keep their music from Google takeout. In addition, the last option is that users can place their purchased music data in an archive file that can be downloaded. In addition, users can delete their entire data in Google Play Music. Google has decided to completely shut down its Google Play Music by the end of this year. Google's primary music app is YouTube Music. Google has shut down the old app to bring it up altogether further.

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