Muslim women wearing 'sindoor', 'kalava', 'bindi' after marrying non-Muslim youth is against tenets of Islam
Muslim women wearing 'sindoor', 'kalava', 'bindi' after marrying non-Muslim youth is against tenets of Islam

Bareilly: All India Muslim Jamaat (AIMJ) Sadr and noted Islamic scholar Maulana Shahabuddin Razvi Barelvi has issued a fatwa, saying that Muslim women wearing sindoor, bindi and marrying non-Muslim youths are against Islam. It is against the fundamental principles. He said that Shariat does not allow women to wear symbols of other religions. 

In a fatwa, the cleric said that women who follow such practices are not actually following the Islamic way of life. 

Maulana said that the anti-conversion law was adopted in Uttar Pradesh and many other states, but still such incidents are coming to the fore, where couples are getting married by hiding their religious identity. In many cases, Muslim men are being blamed for luring non-Muslim girls for marriage. He said, "The Barelvi sect declares such marriages illegal and invalid." 

Significantly, a common man named Mohammad Naeem had raised a question in this regard on which a fatwa has been issued. The cleric said, “It is being seen on social media that Muslim youths hide their religious identity and marry someone by applying 'tilak' and keeping Hindu names. This cannot be said to be in accordance with Shariat and is illegal." 

Maulana cited the Holy Quran and said that it is clearly stated that one should not marry a non-Muslim until she converts to Islam. In this regard, it is in the Hadith that a Muslim woman or man can marry only a believer i.e. a Muslim man or woman. It has been said to be an essential condition for marriage. Along with this, the marriage done by deception, deceit, greed or coercion has been declared illegal. For marriage, it is necessary that both the parties voluntarily agree to marry each other without any pressure.

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