Muslims don't allow Hindus to perform puja at Durga Temple

Dhaka: Reports are emerging that Hindus have been prevented from worshipping Navratri by local Muslims at the Durga Temple on Tipu Sultan Road in Bangladesh's capital Dhaka. The Bangladesh Hindu Unity Council has informed about the same through social media. It is reported that local Islamic extremists did not allow Hindu devotees to worship Mother Durga at the Shankhnidhi temple during Navratri. However, the government there has provided a temporary place to Hindus for Durga Puja.


Now idols of deities are also being shifted from the said Durga temple to the same temporary place where Hindus will now worship. The Bangladesh Hindu Unity Council expressed confidence that one day we will be able to save our temple.nThe council also shared pictures of the place where Durga Pujan is now being performed. This temple was built by Lalmohan Saha of Kolkata in 1921. Along with the temple, he had also built a 'Shankhnidhi House.' After Bangladesh separated from Pakistan in 1971, many Hindus migrated there. But, the Government there handed over that Shankhnidhi House to private hands. In 1960, 'Shankhnidhi House' was put on the list of the department of archaeology. The temple on the north side was then demolished and the roofs of the building were also demolished.

The temple was recently attacked during Navratri, after which idols of deities had to be taken out on the road and worshipped. Hindus also protested against the attack by local Muslims. He carried boards in his hands. BHUC also shared a video in which Hindus are seen worshipping on the street under compulsion. Now, due to the attack on the temple, worship is taking place at a temporary government place.

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