mXmoto Launches New Cruiser Electric Bike: Explore Features and Price
mXmoto Launches New Cruiser Electric Bike: Explore Features and Price

Electric vehicle manufacturer mXmoto has now introduced its new cruiser electric motorcycle, the MXmoto M16, in the market. The stunning look and excellent battery pack adorn this motorcycle, with an introductory price set at ₹1,98,000 (ex-showroom). The company is also offering a warranty of 8 years or 80,000 kilometers, including a 3-year warranty on the electric motor and controller.

The motorcycle comes with round shape headlamps with LED lighting and a single-piece seat.
M-shape handlebars and a comfortable riding position aid in making this motorcycle a superior cruiser.
It features a 4,000-watt BLDC hub motor generating 140Nm of torque.
This motorcycle provides a driving range of 160-220 kilometers on a single charge and consumes only 1.6 units of electricity for a full charge.
The battery takes just 3 hours to fully charge.
In Delhi city, electricity consumption falls between 201-400 units, costing approximately ₹4.5 per unit. Assuming an average cost of ₹5 per unit, the expense would be ₹8 for a single charge, allowing travel up to 160-220 kilometers.
The mXmoto M16 is equipped with 17-inch wheels and adjustable racing motorcycle-type central shock absorbers.
Smartphone connectivity is also provided in this model.
Additional features include cruise control, reverse assist, anti-skid assist, parking assist, on-board navigation, on-ride calling, Bluetooth connectivity, and a sound system.

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