‘My Home India’: President Kovind graces yuva sammelan
‘My Home India’: President Kovind graces yuva sammelan

NEW DELHI: "The future of the country depends on the enterprise and determination of the youth," President Ram Nath Kovind said. Their talent and ability play a key role in making a country proud. The President made this remak while addressing a Yuva Sammelan organized by 'My Home India' in the national capital.

The President stated that youth are a nation's present and future. "Their skill and aptitude have a distinct impact on elevating a nation. Therefore, it is reasonable to argue that today's young will write tomorrow's history " he said. "We are aware that the world's greatest population of teenagers and young people lives in India. This phenomenon, known as the "Demographic Dividend," presents an opportunity for our nation. We ought to take all required actions to seize this chance. Our goal should be to maximise the youth's contribution to the growth and advancement of the nation. Our nation's future depends on the initiative and tenacity of the next generation "The President added.

The President said, it is a source of great pleasure for all of us that Indian young have built countless start-ups on their talent and tenacity. "The children of today are more likely to create their own jobs than to seek them out. It is crucial that young people pick a career based on their skill set and develop some sort of ability. The age of specialisation is now. Only technological advancement and skill can propel our kids to the top, "he said.

The President stated that 103 unicorns had been founded in India as of June 29, 2022, with a total estimated value of USD 336 billion. He said, India is home to one in ten unicorns in the world today. He added that as of May 2022, 47 companies had acquired the status of "decacorn," four of which were start-ups in India, and three of them were led by young people.

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