Mysore: Statue of ancient Lord Shiva's vehicle Nandi found in an excavation of dry lake, the crowd gathered

Mysore: Two statues of Nandi Bull riding hundreds of years old Lord Shiva from a dry lake near The district of Mysore in Karnataka have surfaced during excavation. This news is going quite viral on social media. According to the information received, this pair of centuries-old statues of Nandi bull have been found during excavation in a dry lake in Arasinakere, about 20 km from Mysore.

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It is reported that the excavation work has been carried out by the local residents. According to social media, the elders of Arasinakere used to speak of the statues of Nandi in the lake. Whenever the water level in the lake was low, it was said that the head of the statues was visible. After the river dried up in its entireentire area this year, local residents tried to dig the site and find out the truth.

According to reports, locals excavated the lake for three to four days. During this period, he also called for a JCB machine to carry out the excavation work in a good manner. The statues of Nandi Bull buried inside the lake's land have been taken out after excavation seised for about four days.

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