Rishi Panchami: Saptarishi is worshiped on this day, know its names
Rishi Panchami: Saptarishi is worshiped on this day, know its names

To give respect to the sages, the festival of Rishi Panchami is celebrated every year in our country. Saptrishis are worshiped on this day. A group of 7 stars in the sky, which looks like the shape of a spoon, is called Sapta Rishi. However, very few people know about its name. So let's know which are the seven sages? All these sages are also mentioned in our Vedas and scriptures. On the Shukla Paksha Panchami of Bhado month, Rishi Panchami is celebrated in India.

1) Vashistha-
Vashistha is famous worldwide as the total Guru of Maryada Purushottam Lord Shri Ram.

2) Vishwamitra
Vishwamitra ji comes second in the Saptarishis. It composed the Gayatri Mantra. He was a king before he became a sage and later became a sage after attaining enlightenment through penance.

3) Kanva:
The sage of Vedic period was Kanva. It is said that Kanva was the author of most of the mantras of the eighth circle of the Rigveda containing 103 Suktas.

4) Bhardwaj:
The name of Bharadwajji, the greatest sages of the Vedic period is included. The creator of 765 mantras of the sixth mandal of Rigveda is Bharadwaj ji.

5) Atri:
Along with the son of Brahma ji, Atri is also known as Maharishi. Atri is also known as the founder of the Parsi community.

6) Vamdev:
Vamdev is considered the father of music.

7) Shaunak:
Shaunak Rishi is considered the father of Gurukul tradition. In ancient times, he conducted the gurukula of ten thousand disciples and he also received the honor of the patriarch.

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