National Cinema Day 2023 Set to Enthrall Movie Buffs on October 13
National Cinema Day 2023 Set to Enthrall Movie Buffs on October 13

As the curtain rises on National Cinema Day 2023, India's multiplex enthusiasts are in for a treat. The Multiplex Association of India (MAI) has officially announced that this year's National Cinema Day will be celebrated with great fervor on October 13. What makes this news even more exciting is that movie lovers can catch their favorite flicks at an incredibly affordable rate of just Rs.99, making it a must-not-miss cinematic extravaganza.

National Cinema Day, a relatively recent addition to India's cinematic calendar, was inaugurated by the MAI in 2022. Originally slated for September 16th, the date was later rescheduled to September 23rd. This celebration holds a special place for cinephiles as it commemorates the triumphant reopening of movie theaters after challenging times. Last year's National Cinema Day witnessed a staggering attendance of over 6.5 million patrons, a testament to the enduring love for the silver screen.

For National Cinema Day 2023, cinephiles can conveniently secure their tickets through popular platforms like BookMyShow and PayTM, as well as the official websites of various cinema chains. The enticing ticket price of Rs.99 is poised to be a game-changer, allowing enthusiasts to relish the magic of the big screen while excluding the premium formats and recliner seats from this remarkable offer.

National Cinema Day 2023 promises an extraordinary cinematic spectacle, with more than 4,000 screens at multiplexes across the country participating in the festivities. Renowned chains like PVR, INOX, Cinepolis, Miraj, and Delite are joining forces to make this celebration an unforgettable experience for all moviegoers.

In an open letter issued by the Multiplex Association of India, they expressed, "This special occasion brings audiences of all ages together for a day of cinematic bliss, celebrating the incredible success of multiple films at the box office this year." This heartfelt gesture aims to express gratitude to the loyal moviegoers whose unwavering support contributed to the industry's resurgence and invites those who have yet to return to their local cinemas.

To sweeten the deal, MAI ensures that on October 13, movie enthusiasts can enjoy any show of their choice for just Rs.99, except for the premium formats and recliner seats. Moreover, PVR Inox, in a tweet, tantalizingly stated that cinema aficionados can savor delectable food and beverages, all starting at a wallet-friendly price of Rs.99, thus enhancing their overall cinematic experience. This culinary offer will be available in select cities and cinemas, creating an enticing synergy between gastronomic delight and cinematic pleasure.

As the nation eagerly anticipates National Cinema Day on October 13, the stage is set for an exhilarating celebration of cinema. This year's event promises to unite movie lovers of all ages in a day of enchanting movie magic and gratitude, cementing the enduring bond between the silver screen and its devoted audience. Don't miss this opportunity to experience the thrill of cinema like never before!

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