Natural Remedies to save your Tulsi Plant from Dying, reasons for its drying out
Natural Remedies to save your Tulsi Plant from Dying, reasons for its drying out

The Tulsi plant is considered one of the most auspicious plants in Sanatan Dharma. You can find at least one Tulsi Plant in every Hindu Home. Tulsi has a special presence in the bhog of Lord Shri Vishnu. Due to its medicinal properties, it is compared to nectar. However, due to different reasons, this plant dries up or insects get into it that destroys the plant. In such cases, the protection of this sacred plant is very important. Here are some natural remedies to save Tulsi Plant.

Proper Quantity of Water: Excess moisture is not good for the Tulsi plant. Due to excessive accumulation of water in the plant, its leaves start falling and the plant starts drying up. Dig the soil at a distance of 15 cm from the Tulsi plant to a depth of 20 cm. When you find excess moisture in roots, fill dry soil and sand in it. This will give air to the roots of the plant and the plant will be able to breathe.

Keep away from very strong sunlight: Sunlight is very important for plants but the excess of it affects the Plant badly, especially during summer. So place your Tulsi Plant away from Strong Sunlight.

Neem Powder: A Fungal infection can occur in the plant due to moisture. To get rid of these infections. Use neem powder for this. This will remove the problem of fungal infection. Tulsi plant does not require a lot of watering or care, it grows even in less water, less sunlight and less air, but if the plant has started drying up and you do not understand the reason for it, immediately plant it with neem leaves or  Use powder. For this, take dry neem leaves and put only two teaspoons of powder in the plant to save it from drying up.

Keep away from smoke and oil: Keep the Tulsi plant away from smoke and oil. Do not pluck its leaves every day. If you keep lamps and incense sticks near the plant while worshiping, it can spoil the plant. Keep it at some distance from the plant.

Proper Care: Apart from this, do not spread any kind of cloth to dry in the wire going from the top of the Tulsi pot. Do not keep any impure object, material, or cloth around it. Do not pluck its leaves on Tuesday and Sunday as per tradition.

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