Sharad Pawar did not take oath in PM Modi, what is the reason
Sharad Pawar did not take oath in PM Modi, what is the reason

MUMBAI: Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) chief Sharad Pawar did not join the PM Narendra Modi's swearing-in program due to lack of a seat according to the prescribed protocol. The statement issued by NCP said that they were not given place according to the protocol, therefore, Sharad Pawar did not attend the swearing-in ceremony.

NCP spokesman Nawab Malik expressed his displeasure and said, "Sharad Pawar is a veteran and a national leader. He has worked as CM and Union minister. Sharad Pawar's office workers were informed that the place they were given to sit was not according to the protocol, so they decided not to go to the program. According to media reports, NCP chief Sharad Pawar was given the fifth seat.

It is notable that NCP Chief Sharad Pawar had also met Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday. Prior to this meeting, news of Congress and NCP merger had also come in the media. However, it is not clear whether the meeting was about merger or formally. Political corridors in Delhi are under discussion that the NCP should now merge with the Congress. 




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