Neha Krishna: And Her Journey Of Becoming The ‘Ms. Asia Washington’

Those with the light of inspiration are the ones who shine bright like a star. One such star is Neha Krishna.  An Indian American Google Recruiter, she was declared the winner of the ‘Ms. Asia Washington 2018’ Pageant. The event took place on November 18, at the Hyatt Renton in Seattle, Washington. Holding a well-deserved title, Neha Krishna is a token of inspiration and vigor to all the women out there, who are hustling hard to achieve the best of accomplishments.

She currently works as a recruiter in Google and previously has handled positions in the Human Resource Department of big, top-grade companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook. Earlier in 2016, Neha Krishna bagged the second position in the ‘Ms. India Washington’ Pageant.

In a recent press release, she spoke about her experience of participating in the pageants and representing India as a contestant. She expressed how thrilling and exciting it is to win the crown and represent India and its culture again for the second time. As she reveals, it was an honorable opportunity for her to promote the rich heritage of the country and advocate herself as a part of it. When questioned about her decision and motivation to participate in both Ms. India Washington and Ms. Asia Pageants, Neha Krishna replied, “It is a dream come true to represent the women of today. In today’s times, women not only care about being beautiful and glamorous but also about being professional and having a career.”

Representing India has been a crucial part and essence of her participation. She wants the world to know about the country, its diverse culture, and a rich inheritance of traditions and rituals. Further, Neha Krishna also aims to work for the female community and encourage them to thrive for a better future, both in their personal and professional lives. She wants more and more women to come forward and reveal to the world what they are capable of. In respect to her plans, Neha says she plans to work alongside the women representatives of other minority groups in the United States, to bring awareness to the unique challenges that women of these segments face on a routine basis. She wants to bring into perspective, the hardships and difficulties of those who’re hardly considered while showcasing the global, human life issues.

The Pageant was organized by a Non-Profit Organization called the Ravishing Women Organization. This organization works towards encouraging, inspiring, appreciated, and empowering women. Taking small, humble steps forward, it aims to make an influential impact on the lives of women, all over the world. Together with this organization and its CEO Menka Soni, Neha Krishna aspires to continue her work with the Asian Community in Seattle USA and hopes to spread her message across the globe.

Her goals are very much linked and inclined towards bringing social welfare change across the world. Adding more to it, she also wants to act as a cultural ambassador for the Asian Community. Along with contributing to the welfare field, Neha Krishna also wants to promote and integrate the Asian culture. She will now compete at the ‘Ms. Asia America’ contest in the coming year!.

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