Neither vomiting nor stomach came out, the woman was admitted to the hospital and then..."

A british woman has made a shocking revelation that she has not yet got an idea of her pregnancy before the birth of her second child. The woman, named Emma Fitzsimmons, arrived at Port McQuarry Hospital on Tuesday after she complained of abdominal pain. Doctors at the hospital then told her that she was suffering from labour pain and not with minor abdominal pain. The woman was shocked to hear about  this and asked the doctors to re-check the scan. Emma gave birth to her first son William two years ago,  let us know that her partner Aaron supported her with this strange pregnancy of Emma and together they have welcomed their daughter William Rhodes in this world.

Emma has also said about both of her pregnancies that, "I came to know about William (son) in the 11th week of pregnancy and I started to be sick daily till the 22nd week, so she felt a different kind of thing. Emma has said that the doctors have to talk about this that I could not know about the second pregnancy because the baby may have always sat on the back in the womb and the placenta was in front of it. For this reason I couldn't feel  any of his movements.

Emma continued her point and said that she used to wear her old clothes even during pregnancy. Neither did he gain weight nor has there been any change in his figure. Some studies have estimated that one in 400 or 500 women discovers their pregnancy when they are in the 20th week of their pregnancy. Doctors have to talk  about the fact that women who do not have their periods on time, who are suffering from obesity or who are suffering from mental illnesses, have a labor pen but they do not know anything about their pregnancy.

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