Netflix Acquires Australia-based Animation Studio, Animal Logic
Netflix Acquires Australia-based Animation Studio, Animal Logic

Netflix has acquired Animal Logic, an Australian animation and visual effects studio, the company said this Tuesday. The studio is based in Sydney and has been involved in The Lego Movie franchise, Happy Feet, Peter Rabbit and other productions, including the upcoming The Magician’s Elephant, for Netflix with a satellite office in Vancouver, Canada. 

When talking about visual effects, the company worked on The Matrix and The Great Gatsby, among other titles. According to the company, the deal will boost Netflix’s ambitions in animation, creating “a global creative production team and an animation studio that will produce some of Netflix’s largest animated film titles." On the other hand, the streaming giant said that it “will continue to work with many other studios around the world for animated series and film needs.”


Netflix VP studio operations Amy Reinhard in a statement said, “Netflix has been investing in animation over the past few years and this furthers our commitment to building a world-class animation studio,”. “Animal Logic is a leading animation studio with innovative technology that will strengthen our existing business and increase our long-term capacity in the animation space so that we can better entertain our members around the world.”


Recently, for streaming companies Animation has become a critical source of investment. However, Disney is still considered the leading streaming site which releases animation works, with it releasing animated titles exclusively or shortly after launch on Disney+ (Pixar’s Lightyear will hit the service on Aug. 3), on the other hand, Netflix is seeking to ensure it has a reliable animation pipeline, as well.


Netflix also recently acquired the rights to Roald Dahl’s characters, many of which could be ripe for animated adaptations, which we might see being released on the application. 

The terms of the deal were not disclosed, but it is expected to be completed by the end of the year.“After 30 years of producing great work with great people, this is the perfect next chapter for Animal Logic,” said Animal Logic co-founder and CEO Zareh Nalbandian.  


“Our values and aspirations could not be more aligned with Netflix, in working with diverse content makers, producing innovative and engaging stories for audiences around the world. Our collective experience and talent will open new doors for all our teams and will empower a new level of creativity in animation.” He further added. 

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