Hackers Found a Freaky New Way to hack Your Car

Aug 03 2019 11:29 AM
Hackers Found a Freaky New Way to hack Your Car

New cars can be easy targets for hackers and life-threatening ones. Such a claim is made by a Consumer Advocacy Group in the United States. In fact, the American Consumer Advocacy Group , known as the Consumer Watchdog, has warned that companies currently making connected cars can be hacked easily. Thousands of lives could be lost in the event of a massive cyber attack on these trains," he said. Kill Switch: In a new report titled "Y Connected Cars Can By Killing Machines and How to Turn Dem off", the Los Angeles-based 'Consumer Watchdog' said it has become a practice to connect the car to the Internet, but it threatens national security. The problem with industrial technologies is that the safety system of these vehicles is connected to the Internet without adequate security, the report said. In the event of a cyber attack, the car's security system cannot be separated from the Internet.

For your information, let's say industry executives are aware of this threat. Despite this, they are putting this technology in new trains and prioritizing the profits ahead of safety. The report is based on a five-month study with 20 whistleblowers working in the car industry. The car industry's group of technology experts believe that nearly three thousand people could die when the car fleet (some cars together) was hacked for only one hour at the busiest time. "You control different parts of your car through your smartphone. This includes starting the engine, storting the AC and checking the location, etc. If you can control the car with the help of a smartphone, anyone else can do it through the internet.'

In his statement, Jamie Court, chairman of consumer watchdog, said, "The practice of connecting security and other important systems to the Internet is dangerous. U.S. carmakers should stop this or Congress (the U.S. Parliament) should take steps for our transportation system and national security."The report mentions companies including General Motors, Toyota and Ford not available to respond immediately. Was. However, Gloria Bergquist, a spokesperson for the coalition of vehicle manufacturers, said, "The report published on the auto industry on behalf of the group is an attempt to create a sensation ahead of the cyber security program in Los Vegas."

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