States object to adding breakfast in mid-day meal, Center asked this question
States object to adding breakfast in mid-day meal, Center asked this question

New Delhi: The central government is bringing a new education policy in the country. The aim of which is to bring more and more children into the realm of education. For this, the government is also going to provide breakfast in schools in the mid-day meal in the morning. But the states have registered an objection to this policy of the Center. The states said that teachers do not pay attention to studies already because of sharing and monitoring food. Now adding breakfast will affect the study more. If food is very important, then it has also been suggested to separate the mid-day meal from the education department.

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Education Minister Suresh Bhardwaj of Himachal Pradesh, Prabhuram Chaudhary, Education Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Education Minister Radheshyam of Manipur, Telangana, Rajasthan and education ministers of many states including Rajasthan have protested. The Education Minister of BJP-sponsored Himachal Pradesh lodged this objection in the meeting of new education policy last month. Meghalaya's Education Minister says that teachers are busy in the mid-day meal due to being a hilly state.

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Now if breakfast is added then when the students will attain classes. The new education policy envisages introducing a semester system in schools. However, many states including Himachal, Madhya Pradesh have opposed this. Weather, an excessive number of students and a shortage of teachers have been attributed to this. Let me tell you that many kinds of complaints are heard from all over the country regarding the mid-day meal.

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