New Laws on foreign culture, tech and telecom, North Korea
New Laws on foreign culture, tech and telecom, North Korea

Supreme People's Assembly (SPA) of North Korea has passed various new laws on foreign culture, tech and telecom, state media reported on Saturday. The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said that at the 12th Plenary Meeting of the 14th Presidium of the SPA on Friday, the members discussed and endorsed a series of laws on "rejecting reactionary ideology and culture", on the introduction of sci-tech achievements, on forestry, and on mobile telecommunications, a news agency reported.

The law on rejecting the reactionary ideology and culture explains the principles to be certainly observed by all the institutions, enterprises, organisations and citizens in further bonding North Korea's ideological, revolutionary and class positions by thoroughly preventing the loopholes and spread of the anti-socialist ideology and culture and firmly maintaining our idea, spirit and culture. 

The law on the introduction of sci-tech achievements explains the issue of tightening discipline in mapping out, notifying, grasping, controlling and reviewing the plans of introduction of sci-tech achievements, and the issue of ensuring scientific accuracy, objectivity and correctness in deliberating, examining, estimating and confirming the introduction of sci-tech achievements.

The law on mobile telecommunications handles the principal issues arising in mobile telecommunications including the set-up, management and operation of mobile telecommunications facilities, the modern perfection of mobile telecommunications network, the diversification of mobile telecommunications, service and use of mobile telecommunications and registration of mobile telecommunications equipment.

SPA also decided that the 4th Session of the 14th SPA will be convened in Pyongyang in January.

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